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This year has been the most tumultous and transitional of my life. It began with a marathon writing session on the first draft of my PhD thesis. From there it was directly into teaching a semester long laboratory course, with a mid-semester pause to run a scientific conference, immediately followed by the mid March breakneck sprint of SXSW. Back to teaching and a one month stint of coffee-fueled, sleeping in the library, mental preparation and editing before defending my dissertation mid April. Not finished there, I joined partner Ned Dodington and a whole bunch of other people to get Caroline Collective ready for a June opening. All of this left me feeling fulfilled, proud and tiiiiired.

I didn’t realize how tired I was until I took a recent trip to Chicago for my sister’s wedding and finally got some space to think and talk it out. To talk about where I’d been and what I’d done over the course of the year with those not seen in a couple years as well as relatives. And as I talked about Caroline and science and arts and music I remembered something. When I set out to accomplish some of the goals that have been completed this year, I didn’t fully believe in the potential to finish them. But along the way with much support and coaching from the community surrounding me, in retrospect, there’s no question that I could accomplish them. Thank you to all who have supported me in the past and continue to believe in me, you are a driving force. And so I was finally able to catch my breath.

This site has been set up to talk about things that are resident in my head or have been kicking around lately. Some of the issues I wish to discuss have been learned through building community and running Caroline Collective over the past four months, and some of them call upon years of experience in one sphere or another.  Topically, I’ve separated the site into three parts: Academic, Music/Arts, and Portfolio. The portfolio will be a continued display of the design projects completed by myself or with my design partner Ned Dodington. In the Academic portion I’ll be presenting studies from my own and other compelling research, contextualized for general consumption, distilling the obtuse jargon that scientists are known to use. Special focus will be given to rapid prototyping as it transforms the manufacturing industry and our lives. Finally, in the Music/Arts/Culture section I’ll discuss local and national music communities, community building for arts and music, and provide a commentary to my voracious media consumption.

Like anything else, this is a work in progress (obviously there are still some formatting issues being worked out), any and all comments, suggestions, you’re wrongs, you’re rights, you suck, I agrees are welcome and encouraged. Thanks.

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