I don’t really remember exactly how it started, only that it was last year during Mustaches for Kids and I was growing a mustache to raise money for Texas Children’s Hospital. By that point my mustache was looking like a glorious piece of artwork on the facial front, something the Big Lebowski’s Sam Elliot would be proud of. It was probably during a discussion with my friend Philip about how much we enjoyed the Christmas Holiday Season and how our favorite part was spreading goodwill cheer to those around us. We might have even discussed how much joy we derive from the activities of gift giving and raising others spirits, especially our family’s. As any Christmas talk proceeds we probably meandered to the topic of favorite Christmas films of which Philip’s favorites lean towards the wholesome Miracle on 34th Street and A Charlie Brown Christmas while mine tend to be more romantic like White Christmas or the absolutely charming Love Actually.

It could not have happened any other way; from there we must have gotten onto the topic of the festive and colorful outfits that are so prevalent this time of year. Such bright colors and happy themes, all printed or sewn onto normal sweaters, cardigans or other cold weather tops. My favorite has always been those sweatshirts that people with good design sense have decided to adorn with ornaments or Christmas items, painted on with puff paint, maybe adding an extra bit of flair by sewing on a well chosen scrap of Christmas colored cloth.

That must have been how it was decided that we would wear Christmas sweaters for the greater part of December last month. The results of last year were truly heartwarming; we spread positive and festive cheer to everyone around us, as can be seen from the happy smiling faces in this picture taken at Monica Danna’s Tree Viewing Party. (image credit: Monica Danna)

Based on how happy (and comfortable) my Christmas sweaters made everyone last year, I’ve decided to up the ante and wear a sweater every day of December! Up til now, the pictures have only been posted on Twitpic, meaning that only those on Twitter could bask in the healing glow. For the rest of the month, you’ll get to see high res version of the sweaters on this site along with a description of each majestic piece of cloth.

Christmas Sweaters up to this point:

Please enjoy this magical month and let those close to you know that you care about them.



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  2. I LOVE the Christmas sweaters. They make me smile. If you love White Christmas you should go see it at TUTS. Nothing beats a live performance.

    Posted December 15, 2008 at 8:21 pm | Permalink

  3. alison cook

    um, so can our guys take your picture now? the story is written and waiting for art.

    Posted December 15, 2008 at 8:29 pm | Permalink

  4. Well I know what I gettin’ you for christmas. Value Village here I come.

    Posted December 15, 2008 at 8:40 pm | Permalink

  5. What’s even more disturbing is that I’m hearing this entire post in Yanni’s voice as I read…

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  6. So that is where my sweaters went! hahaha I swear I have owned two of those at some point!
    Well done! Love your blog!

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  7. Love me some organ_printer in scary holiday attire!

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  8. i called mom, she’s got a couple for you to borrow. she wanted to wash the ones harley’s been using but i told her not to bother. :-)

    i don’t see any egg nog in that post.

    (but i do see some HERE)

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  9. Laanba: Thanks! White Christmas was playing at Discovery Green on Thanksgiving, managed to catch most of it.

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  10. kerosene

    Nice stash, Luigi

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