Christmas Sweater #22 is another subtle piece, this time a fleece job. The zipper is shaped like holly leaves and if you’re not careful you’ll miss the holly leaves, berries and a couple swirls marking up the sweater. I’ve included an inset upclose for you to witness the majesty.

How You Can Contribute to Goodwill

Goodwill Industries of Houston has several ways in which you can contribute to their services and community driven efforts. They are donating goods, donating time and making a financial contribution.

Donate: Alot of people have too much stuff. It’s the way the American economy works and most of us play into it (for a great video about this, watch

By donating your unused stuff to Goodwill, they can in turn support education and training programs in the community. One of the most important reasons to donate goods to Goodwill is that they generate 72% of their revenue from sales of donated goods [1]. You can even donate vehicles or boats. There are multiple donation centers located in the Houston, check here for a location near you.

Volunteer: Goodwill has many volunteer opportunities for people in Houston. For example, Jason Armstrong (@elegantmachines) regularly teaches computer related skills at Goodwill. I’m really proud of Jason for making a regular commitment to improving others’ lives. There are other ways that you can volunteer that don’t necessarily use your expertise. Here are some volunteering ideas for you:

  • Provide support, pro bono services ie. printing, catering, communications, graphics, signs.
  • Host a donation drive at your place of business and name it, “Goods for Goodwill, Good for ___________” (your company name.) Or, at schools, name it “Good Kids for Goodwill.” Clothing, toys, furnishings, domestics, sporting goods, just about everything!
  • Hire a Goodwill trained employee through GTS (Goodwill Temporary Services).
  • Gather a group to work along side of Goodwillers to help unload trailers and sort donated goods at the Main Campus.
  • Participate on a special events steering committee as a sponsor and with volunteers: Goodwill Golf Tournament, Goodwill Gala, Moreton Achievement Luncheon.
  • “Create-A-Good(will)-Project” of your choice to touch the lives and hearts of those at Goodwill…

Contribute Financially: Goodwill aims to be as self-serving as possible; nearly 80% of their revenue is generated through the sale of donated materials, another 10% through contract fulfillment services and temporary employment services. The remaining 10% of their funding comes from private donations gifted by caring individuals, corporations, foundations, and estate planned gifts. This could be you or your corporation. Wondering how your contribution will be used? Goodwill places 90 cents of every dollar into programs, keeping overhead as low as possible. Another bonus: all gifts are tax deductible to the fullest possible extent of the law [2].

If you can contribute, you should make a small contribution ($5) to Goodwill, we’ll call it your Christmas present to the community. To make a financial contribution to Houston Goodwill click the Chipin widget to the right or click below. Thank you.

If you think that you could provide help in a personal manner, why not arrange to volunteer? To volunteer with Houston Goodwill please visit their volunteer page here or call: 713-699-6338

All those goods lying around your house could use a loving home. Why not donate some to Goodwill? Visit this page for donations.



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