It’s not over yet, we’re just cresting the hill of extra content. Think of the next week as the second disc of your Fight Club DVD where you can watch the film an additional four different ways with commentary by everyone involved in the film, including the set designer. If anyone is interested in guest commenting on these sweaters, please to put them in the comments, I’ll add them to the post.

Christmas Sweater #26, one of the sweaters rented by Terry Seufert of Houston Goodwill (@houstongoodwill) is all about science, including double helices, hearts and what I’m sure is the quarternary binding structure of rhodopsin. It is also a calm meditation on what happens when you take three or four other sweaters, cut them up and put them back together incorrectly.

Goodwill’s Employment Programs

Goodwill offers several employment programs for the Houston citizens they service. The first is through their Contract Services Division, the second is part of their Vocational Rehabilitational Services.

Through Goodwill Houston’s Contract Services Division, businesses haved saved money, time, and valuable resources since 1986. At the Charles R. Swain Memorial Contracts Center, located at 10795 Hammerly Blvd., the specialization is collating, assembly, packaging, quality control, shrink wrapping and other services for business and institutional customers on a contract basis [1]. You can watch a video about how Houston Goodwill’s Contract Services can save your company time and money.

Goodwill Houston’s Vocational Rehabilitational Services lead to supported employment for individuals who have most significant disabilities and for whom competitive employment has occurred, or has been interrupted or intermittant as a result of a significant disability. These services require a referral from the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) [1]:

  • Client and family orientation
  • Transportation training
  • Job placement
  • Job skills training
  • Job stabilization services that may include
    • On-the-job training
    • Job coaching

Happy Boxing Day! Those items that you took back today for cold hard cash? Why not share $5 worth for Goodwill of Houston. You can make a financial contribution to Houston Goodwill click the Chipin widget to the right or click below. Thank you.

Got nothing to do for the rest of the year? Take a half day and donate some time to Goodwill. To volunteer with Houston Goodwill please visit their volunteer page here or call: 713-699-6338

re: Boxing Day. Instead of returning those goods, why not just donate to Goodwill? Visit this page for donations.


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