That’s all folks, I’m out of sweaters. Like Thorny said in Super Troopers, “almost made it.” Unfortunately there were not enough Christmas sweaters to make it all the way to 31 but there were more than enough to reach saturation point. After all, there’s only so many combinations of green, red, trees and santas you can be shown before one’s eyes glaze over.

This has been a delightful month to grow a mustache, raise money for education, then wear sweaters and raise awareness and money for an organization contributing to the improvement of Houston. Despite DavidTong ‘s repeated threats to set me on fire if he caught me in a sweater, mirth and happiness was brought to people everywhere.

All told, $183 was raised for Houston Goodwill and hundreds of people were made aware of the great programs and services that Houston Goodwill provides.

I would like to personally thank the many people who made this Christmas Sweater experiment a joy to carry out. First, Terry Seufert (@houstongoodwill) of Houston Goodwill who not only brokered this partnership between Christmas Sweaters and Houston Goodwill but also obtained 9 sweaters from her friends to be used over the month. Second, Alison Cook (@alisoncook) for writing a highly entertaining article in the Houston Chronicle. You should read her regular pieces on food and restaurant reviews at Third, Philip Beck for being the original inspiration for such a large undertaking. Fourth, the peole whose eyes are really burning, the picture takers: Ned Dodington, Danielle Eley, Mandy Graessle and Grace Rodriguez. Finally, the kind people who took a second and made a financial donation to Goodwill.

What better way to celebrate the end of a month of sweaters than with a Gala:

The 2009 Goodwill Gala

March 28, 2009

River Oaks Country Club

7 p.m. – Midnight

Live, from River Oaks, it’s Saturday Night! This SNL-themed event will feature silent and live auctions with “mahvelous” items up for bid, a delicious sit-down dinner with a selection of wines, live music to dance the night away and a wonderful time by all.

Proceeds from this event will ensure that our programs and services will continue to be available for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. The public is welcome to attend this signature night of comedy for charity.

There’s still time to donate through the end of 2008 (hours). Donate $5.00 to the end of the Christmas Sweater Advent Calendar by clicking the Chipin widget to the right or click below. Thank you.

How many of you say you’d like to make a contribution to Houston community but don’t know how? You can start by visiting Goodwill’s volunteer page here or call: 713-699-6338

Spring Cleaning on the docket for this weekend? Donate your extra goods to Goodwill. Visit this page for donations.

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