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Your website is one of the most important tools you have as an artist. It’s a place for people to discover and listen to your music, contact you, purchase your merchandise and more. Your website acts as a promoter, publicist and dj and it does all this 24/7 for anyone in the world.

In addition to the positive benefits of a website, having a home base on the web is one of the basic building blocks for becoming a successful band. As a musician it is essential to have a home base that ties in the heavily used online communities like facebook and myspace and musician specific community based sites such as virb and imeem.  Still, there are a large number of bands that utilize only myspace, thinking that it is both sufficient to act as a promotional machine and that they have (in very little time) cemented their online presence. By employing only Myspace they are rendering themselves mostly invisible to the greater web audience and doing themselves a great disservice.

One of the barriers to actually setting up a website seems to be the lack of knowledge surrounding how to accomplish this. Also, bands seem to think that getting a website is something that is difficult or more time consuming than regular utilization of Myspace or other community based tools. Getting your own website set up can be done simply, beautifully and free, depending on what you’re looking for.

February’s Bandcamp will teach effective strategies for maintaining an online presence that utilizes a full complement of websites and techniques. I will be leading this session and will demonstrate a number of available sites for musician and discuss strategic planning based on goals and time commitment.

Bring your laptop.

If you can’t attend the session on 2/1, don’t fret. There will be an ENCORE session of this month’s Bandcamp at the end of the month on 2/22. You could event come twice to pick up a new perspective and plan for your online presence.

Things that you will learn at February’s BandCamp
-    Improved tools beyond Myspace for online presence
-    the Wheel and spoke concept of web presence including a home base and digital outposts
-    designing a strategy for employing these digital outposts and selecting the ones that work for your band
-    Learn how to set up your own website in 15 minutes
-    Learn how to measure metrics for your site to determine your audience and what content is the most interesting to your visitors
-    An overview of other digital outposts other than Myspace that are just as effective for artist promotion
-    How to integrate your digital outposts to your website
-    Free email accounts for your band
-    Places to seed your music, video
-    Where to sell online: amazon, itunes, cdbaby, napster
-    Locations to post your photos online (flickr, photobucket, etc.)
-    Ideas for driving traffic to your site


WHEN: 2/1/09 1-3pm AND 2/22/09 1-3pm

WHERE: Caroline Collective, 4820 Caroline Houston TX

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