At Bandcamp:BOOKING PARTY we reviewed the process to contact venues and get your band booked. The recommendation was to first do your research on the venue to match up the genre and type of bookings they do. Then you should follow whatever protocol is laid out on the venue’s website. If there are no booking instructions, write an email and then follow up several days later with a phone call to the venue. Included in today”s post is a sample phone script you can use to contact venues.

Similar to the band to venue sample email from a previous post, this script is arranged in a Mad Libs style. The form prompts you for information like your name, band name, genre, sounds like, previous accolades, previous gigs, where and when you are looking to play. When using this form, try and fill it out completely before making a call. Type it up and print out the finished script if it will help you.

There’s a time for shooting the breeze and there’s a time for brevity. Phone calls like this are business and should be kept short and direct, this is one way that you can demonstrate professionalism from the start. Even if you’re a seasoned phone talker, keeping the script in front of you when you make the call helps you stay on point and know your goal.

Keep in mind that being polite is always the best policy. Remember that you are just one person and the venue deals with many of you every day. Don’t get frustrated if they are curt with you, just thank them and move along.

This may not be the last time that you talk with the talent buyer. They are going to want to listen to your music and check out your online presence before they make a decision on your band. If you have to follow up multiple times, space the calls out so you are persistent but not annoying.

If you decide to use this form, please comment on how it worked.

Stay tuned for a schedule of how and when to contact venues to book gigs for your band.

Download the phone script to contact venues to book your band here.

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  1. I have been using Independent Musicians Touring Guide from the App store to book all my shows. This is a niche app that lists only the best mid-sized club level venues, and tells you specifically what to say to book shows. It is for independent artists looking to make the booking process simpler and faster.

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