There’s a widely held stereotype that scientists and musicians are poorly organized. Like any stereotype there are reasons behind this: for scientists there’s another widely held belief that they are pack rats, accumulating any bit of information that could be needed at a later date. This contributes to the disheveled and disordering mental image most people have of scientists. For musicians, who also carry that disheveled look, but due to cleanliness differences, there is no good system to organize their career on their own. New tools are popping up on the landscape that can reverse this trend however and we should all look forward to bands being organized and therefore (hopefully) having more time to focus on cleanliness.

Bandize, Artist Data and Band Metrics are three of the new online tools that bill themselves as time savers, organizing platforms and communicaiton systems  for bands. The first, Bandize, out of Austin, is like “Basecamp for Bands.” The system gives artists and managers the ability to plan a tour, add contacts, manage band products, do accounting and make task lists shared among band members. Artist Data, run out of Chicago, bills themselves as an automation tool that beats the monotonous updating of artist websites, social network profiles and anything else that can bog you down as an artist. Band Metrics, still in private beta, offers bands and managers the ability to measure the effect of their campaigns and releases through on demand statistics.

The benefits of organization cannot be overstated and that’s why this weekend at Bandcamp, we’ve invited the co-founder of Bandize, Ajit D’Sa into Caroline Collective to give us a test drive of the application and help bands get organized. As Ajit says, “This is your true first step in realizing that your band is a small business, and that you need to start thinking like a small business owner in order to give yourself a better chance to succeed. The goal of Bandize was to make it easy to use, even on the road, so that the drunkest member of the band should be able to update band info at 4am after a show.” Now if we could just find a way to get those scientists organized.

Join us this weekend, August 16th for Bandcamp: BANDIZE

WHAT: Bandcamp: BANDIZE – “It’s like Basecamp for bands!” (
WHO: Ajit D’Sa, Co-founder of Bandize WHEN: 8/16/09 2-4pm
WHERE: Caroline Collective, 4820 Caroline Houston TX
HOW MUCH: $5 a person / $8 per band

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