Good tidings to you!! Thank you for stopping by here to celebrate the  glorious time of year where eyes are assaulted with bright glittery things attached to our houses, walls and even clothes. Ahh, the clothes. During no other month is it acceptable to adorn yourself in green, red and shiny. Any other time of year it would be shameful to showcase your homemade creations for fear of being labeled Amish. No other occasion allows you to get away with sewing cute animals and trinkets onto your attire without people wondering whether you secretly still play The Prodigy and twirl glowsticks. During these holiday months, have no fear, anything goes!

Every day for the next month, when you visit this site you will be treated to a Christmas sweater wonderland.  Some will confound the eyes, some will elicit child-like giggles and some will make you ask WHY? The answer to WHY? can be found by reading this post, my ruminations on the Christmas cheer and also in Alison Cook’s playful piece in the Houston Chronicle. The WHAT? can be found by looking through some of the best Christmas sweaters of last year. Anyways, each day when you visit this site you’ll see a picture of the day’s Christmas sweater along with some description of its majesty. I’m also adding some things this year that I think will make it more fun for everyone; more will unfold this week. Think of this project as an interactive Christmas Sweater Advent Calendar.

Just like last year, the wearing of these Christmas sweaters will be used to raise money for a charity or a cause. Last year we raised almost $200 for Goodwill Industries of Houston. This year, I’ll let you decide which charity or cause to support. Please place your nominations in the comments of this post. Yes, you can nominate yourself. I will close the nomination period on Thursday at Midnight, then on Friday there will be a final poll to select the cause.

Without further ado, Christmas Sweater The First:

This sweater is best viewed while keeping in mind the song “Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic.” It seems the entire bear family has assembled for this Christmas picnic and they’ve prepared for the cold weather with hats and scarves. This may be the biggest bear collection ever to be seen on a Christmas sweater as not three, not six, but nine (!) bears are enjoying the fact that everyone gets a present.

The makers of this holiday sweater sure knew their bears; they included the Great Brown bear, the tan colored velour bear, and even the highly-prized-for-it’s-coat oatmeal colored fleece bear.

There’s been some discussion around the apartment as to whether the brown bear shown on the left breast is actually a monkey. Having never been allowed to actually touch a real monkey or bear, I employed a hand model to provide a description of the fur so we can lay that debate to rest. In her own words, “soft.” So that answers that question.

Today I’ll be pairing this sweater with a movie, the first of a month’s worth of Christmas related works. Today’s selection will be an adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol by Rowan Atkinson in his first major comedic outing, Black Adder. For those of you not familiar with Rowan Atkinson as anything but Mr. Bean, don’t worry. Imagine the hapless character transported to Medieval Times. And, he talks. The original Black Adder series tells the secret history of the ascension, fall and eventual erasing from history of Richard IV. In Black Adder’s Christmas Carol , Black Adder is the proprietor of a mustache shop. How appropriate considering I am also growing a mustache for the annual Mustaches For Kids (please consider donating as this benefits Workshop Houston). Black Adder begins the episode as the nicest man in England but after being harassed by an annoying ghost he decides that being un-bearable is the way to go. Enjoy.

Thanks for sharing my love of Christmas sweaters and enjoy your December!


  1. Hooray for the Christmas Sweaters! One of my favorite things about the holiday.

    Posted December 2, 2009 at 4:50 am | Permalink

  2. ranjani

    The Blackadder Christmas special is waiting for me on my DVR at home!

    And wow, your sweater came with a dog attachment. Fancy. That’s high fashion right there.

    Posted December 4, 2009 at 3:28 pm | Permalink

  3. Catherine

    I like this one. Cute dog. Cute bear. Looks nice and soft.

    Posted December 9, 2009 at 6:11 pm | Permalink

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