This is Part two in a two part series listing Houston’s music press.

Yesterday’s post began with the provenance of this list: the need for local bands to be contacting their local press more often. Then the  first half of Houston’s music press was listed, including links to their outfits and samples of their work. Today’s post finishes that list with the second half of Houston’s Local Music Press. Make sure that you check out both posts and remember the additional homework assignment of actually writing the press to tell them about what you’re doing.

Here’s the rest of your local music press (in random order thanks to

David Sadof, Houston Examiner
David Sadof has been a member of the Houston Music Community since the 80′s when he was Music Director at Rock 101 KLOL and The Buzz KTBZ. Kerry Melonson of Satin Hooks openly blames David and his radio show “Lunar Rotation’ as the reason he is a musician. David is now a regular writer for the Houston Examiner; read his post on Spoon’s Transference and notice that every post David writes includes a video clip.

Craig Hlavaty, Houston Press
Craig is Assistant Music Editor at the Houston Press and works closely with Chris Gray to cover everything about our music community. Craig writes an unbelievable number of pieces regularly, probably due in part to his firm adherence of the “everyday is a workday, every night is a weekend” mantra. You can catch him tweeting about every show he sees and everything that happens in his very busy nightlife. You  also might want to read his actual writing; here’s coverage on February 5th’s Justin Townes Earle show.

David Cobb, Houston Calling
David is a one man show covering all forms of musical expression in Houston, from benefits to live shows to news about local bands, artists, and concert posters. Every year along with partner blog Done Waiting they compile one of the best curated SXSW music lists. Read his post and commentary on Derek Webb’s recent Haiti Benefit.

Rob Delossantos/Joel Hughes/others, Indie Houston
These guys are living the kind of life where you don’t get the deposit back. Staging most efforts from the IndieHouston House, this group hosts regular shows but also have a blog that covers the goings on of bands that makes their way through this city. One difference between this site and most is that guest contributions are welcome and invited. Here’s Joel’s post on an upcoming Roky Moon + BOLT show and here’s Rob’s call for submissions from the community.

Joey Guerra, Houston Chronicle
Joey is a music critic for the Houston Chronicle and “absolutely loves it.” He’s clearly living life to its fullest, regularly abusing twitter with laughter and commentary on all things pop culture. Personally, his tweets crack me up regularly. Joey’s love of pop culture makes its way into his writing so as a band looking to contact him, better be able to discuss your music in the context of anything from Madonna to Jonas Brothers to Solange. Read Joey’s honest assessment of the latest Jonas Bro solo album.

Adam Newton, DryveTyme Onlyne, Houston Press
This guy gets hustler of the year award. Previously with Houstonist, now seriously focused on his own blog DryveTyme Onlyne which has daily content in various forms and has also recently started doing some coverage for the Houston Press as part of Chris Gray’s master plan. Also plays in Prairie Cadets with Marc Brubaker. Witness Adam’s weekly feature, Media Monday, where he offers up free music and video from the web.

Jeremy Hart, Space City Rock
Editor of Space City Rock which constantly amazes me with its unbelievably prolific posting schedule. SCR is also the best place to find a comprehensive readout of the shows going on in Houston every. week. Revelry Report still uses the show calendar for our weekely music events calendar. Jeremy is also an ex-KTRU dj which means he’s got a well steeped diverse musical background. See what I mean with Jeremy’s discussion of the Daniel Higgs show on February 5th.

Marc Brubaker, Houstonist
Carrying the torch for the Houstonist’s coverage of the local music scene. Has started something that has been needed for a very long time: a weekly news recap of things that happened in the local music community (the only other place I’ve seen a daily/weekly recap of local news is with Houston Press’ new feature: Magnolia City Mixtape, brought to you by Brittanie Shey). Marc also curates Xnihilo Gallery,  shoots live shows and events for a smattering of local papers and publications, and plays in Prairie Cadets with Adam Newton. Take a quick look-see at Marc’s H-Town Rock and his regular news recap Rock Talk.

Andrew Dansby, Houston Chronicle, 29-95
Houston Chronicle and music writer. Did his time at Rolling Stone so you know he’s legit. Still mostly covers nationally recognized acts but has been able to focus a little more on local artists thanks to a crack team of people who continually send him music,  hard working Houston bands who have started to write local press about their work and the hyper local focus of Here’s a story from 2009 about the Wild Mocassins as they prepared to leave for their first tour.

Note: Some of these people are repeats from the 2008 post, some of these are new entrants to the field. Last time I compiled this list, I caught some shit for not including some people DESPITE mentioning that if there was anyone missing, drop me a line and I will add them. I cannot be in all places at all times. If I don’t know about you and your writing, I want to. Drop me a line at so I can add you to this post and start reading your work.


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    Cool, thanks for posting

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  2. Bru

    Thanks for the kind words. Never stop hustlin – Houston’s got too much good music to just let it go to waste.

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