Anyone committed to a life-long education already knows that TED talks are just one component of a healthy, balanced, information diet. Virtually all subjects are covered with inspirational, ground-breaking research explored in a fascinating, motivating manner. The real benefit of these talks is the learning that happens when these talks are digested and discussed among colleagues, when they lead to further investigation into a particular topic, or when they spark an idea helping you to solve a current problem in your own work. Sadly, most cities are deprived of the opportunity for future discussion about these topics because watching TED talks remains mostly a solitary activity, leaving viewers with a less than full feeling in their mental bellies.

Announcing a 12 Course Mental Dinner: TEDxHouston

TED Organizers have recently recognized the wealth of innovation and groundbreaking work occurring everywhere on the planet. As a platform for local communities to highlight this innovation, TED has created local conferences, labeled TEDx conferences.The ‘x’denotes an independently organized TED event.

TEDx events have been held in many places around the nation and world but we haven’t had one in Houston yet. Houstonians rejoice! because the great, community-minded, educational-focused people at Culture Pilot are organizing this year’s TEDxHouston event, scheduled for June 12th, 2010. Culture Pilot has a great day planned and they’ve also assembled a crack team of organizers to help plan the day. It cannot be overstated how much I respect the members of Culture Pilot for their forward thinking and work as well as the honor of working alongside such a prodigiously experienced and talented organizing team. We’re all doing our best to make the event about Houston people and as community minded as possible while still providing a professional conference atmosphere full of opportunities to discuss and digest. It’s sure to be a full meal of innovative information, all happening in Houston on a daily basis.

Your Dinner Invitation: TEDxHouston has limited seating and the event is designed to have a diverse attendance. Therefore, the Organizers have released an application form to attend TEDxHouston. This application process is live now, visit the TEDxHouston site and fill out an application to attend.

Your Appetizer: Golan Levin

Tomorrow, April 8th, Houstonian’s have an incredible opportunity to whet their mental appetites in preparation for TEDxHouston. Artist, Engineer, TED Speaker, Golan Levin will be speaking at Rice University as part of the James Baker Hughes Lecture: Engineering and Humanities in the Arts.

Golan Levin’s work employs computers to create improvised soundscapes with dazzling corresponding visuals. He merges the borders between performance art and engineering, employing software engineering with an artist’s touch.

Your Call To Action: Seriously. Go to this talk:

Golan Levin (event link)
April 8th, 4-5pm
Keck Hall 100 (map)

Prep yourself by watching Dr. Levin’s 2009 TED Talk:

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  1. I’m going to try to get there! Golan performed at the 2007 Media Archeology Festival (produced by Aurora Picture Show & Mitchell Center for the Arts). And he was very supportive of my exhibit and activities at CMU.

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