This weekend is the over-sold WordcampHouston, featuring programming for people at all knowledge levels using the WordPress content management system. Based on the very real space concerns at the Houston Museum of Natural Science it’s recommended that people take a second to plan out which sessions they plan to attend.

To help people make that choice, I’m going to outline what I’ll be talking about in my workshop, entitled “Must-Have Plugins.” By giving this post and outline a brief scan, attendees should be able to determine whether this workshop will be useful or not.

Saturday’s Workshop, entitled “Must-Have Plug-ins” will review some important plugins to consider using, their functionality, getting the most out of them, as well as address some industry specific plugins for musicians, filmmakers and photographers. The session, held from 2:10pm til 3:00pm in the Blogger Track will be hands-on so please bring your laptop. It would help if you already have a WordPress site set up and know the ftp log/pass.

This session is recommended if you are a novice user or if you would simply like to increase your knowledge base about plug-ins. If you are a casual user of WordPress and proficient with essential plug-ins and how to maximize their functionality, you might want to swing by for a hot minute and pick up a handout. If you feel like bouncing to a more important session, I won’t mind. If you are an expert user of WordPress or are up to date on which plugins you feel you should use, this session will more than likely not provide you with any new knowledge.

My goal for the workshop is to maximize the impact for the attendees based on their existing knowledge base and level of interest in specific plugins and categories. If we need to begin with a discussion of what plug-ins are and how to install and activate them, that’s fine, if we don’t, that’s also fine. I will push towards providing an overview of some of the following Must-Have plugins with examples of sites that use them and how to get the most out of each plugin.

Below is a list of three types of plugins and specific examples we’ll be covering. This is by no means an exhaustive or complete list and any suggestions are welcome and encouraged:

Thanks to the lovely people who have crafted WordCamp Houston and are sure to be planning another in the near future: the Primer Grey Team, Colab and Katie Laird.

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