On today’s Morning Edition Steve Inskeep spoke to Republican strategist Charlie Black about the GOP Candidates’ Foreign Policy. During the interview Inskeep says (will replace with exact quote when the transcript posts):

…Americans don’t know what to think about the Arab Spring, and many of our leaders don’t know whether the Arab Spring is good or bad for the US.

I don’t disagree. What I’d like to point out is that the statement hints at the more important issue: Many Americans don’t understand what the Arab Spring actually is. Multiple surveys and academic studies point to relatively few people following international news and a low ability to identify some of these countries on a map. Most problematic for the long-term state of education in the US is that most people would be hard pressed to draw non-Western-centric conclusions or even relate the world and local events leading up to the Arab Spring.

Listen to the discussion here: http://t.co/emJvC05

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