Levar Burton recently launched a Kickstarter campaign fundraising for his Reading Rainbow mobile application. In discussing the importance of children’s education, Screenrant says the following:

Shows like Sesame StreetMister Roger’s Neighborhood and Reading Rainbow don’t resonate merely because they are things from childhood, like a favorite action figure or a doll; these shows helped to nurture our innate sense of wonder and it introduced that part of our minds to the majesty of literature and words, things that sustain that sense of wonder still.

We should be talking about these shows and some additional ones including Electric Company, Square One, and 3-2-1 Contact more often for this exact reason. These are children’s shows that richly embed education in an entertainment-based package.  Having recently watched several episodes of classic Sesame Street I can report the show to be of surprisingly high quality and does not seem to have aged. Were I to have children I would have no qualms about showing them all of these shows on re-runs in lieu of newer programming offers.

Levar Burton’s Reading Rainbow Kickstarter is here.

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