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Caroline Sessions’ Last Waltz at Saint Arnold Brewing Company

This weekend Saturday night marks the end of a two-year long community-based concert series, Tom Paynter’s The Caroline Sessions. To celebrate, a Last Waltz event of sorts is being held at Saint Arnold Brewing Company, complete with new musical collaborations, the recording of a live album and of course a long-form video of the affair. [...]

Calling All Makers: GE Garages Descends on Houston

Geeks, Makers, Hackers this is your week. General Electric  has dropped a shipping container on Rice campus containing all the tools necessary to bring your imagination to life. Free and open to the public, the GE Garages site contains a Makerbot 3D Printer, laser cutter, CNC Mill, and an injection molder. If that list of [...]

Briefly: Americans, The Ill-informed

On today’s Morning Edition Steve Inskeep spoke to Republican strategist Charlie Black about the GOP Candidates’ Foreign Policy. During the interview Inskeep says (will replace with exact quote when the transcript posts): …Americans don’t know what to think about the Arab Spring, and many of our leaders don’t know whether the Arab Spring is good [...]

Slacker turns 20, What Does That Make You

Before the explosion of reality shows and the questioning whether television watching audiences had any desire for their intelligence to be respected, Bravo existed as the cultural mecca on basic cable showing independent cinema, arts programming and foreign films.  I spent alot of late nights in high school steeping myself in this. In the infancy [...]

Record Monsters

For the past month I’ve been working on something really special with a stupendous partner, Andrew Hyde. We paired up at SXSW discussing our hand-crafted business cards and came out of it with an idea for Record Monsters. Record Monsters are laser cut puzzles in vinyl records. You simply pop out the pieces and put [...]

Wordle of My Thesis

Wordle is a fantastic, free tool for the visualization of web pages, RSS feeds or large blocks of text. I use it quite often as a visual histogram of sorts, to see in weighted form the textual thematics of papers and articles. Inspired by this post by PixelCharmer where she created a wordle of her qualifying [...]

2010 In Review

“Everything was beautiful. Nothing hurt.” Kurt Vonnegut

A Series of couplets Explaining the Importance of “Brand Communities”

Today was the second Entrepreneur Camp Houston, sponsored by a whole bunch of community-focused companies and organized by a whole bunch of other good people. I was honored to be included among some of my colleagues and mentors, Brian Block, JR Cohen, Grace Rodriguez, and Ed Schipul, on a panel titled “Building Brand Communities.” It [...]


My comments on the KTRU sale

On Tuesday, August 17th, Houston Press Music Editor Chris Gray asked for comments regarding the sale of KTRU to KUHF. You can read the full story here: KTRU News Roils, Saddens Local Music Community It’s filled with impassioned responses from Houston music aficionados and those who have in the past and continue to contribute to our patchwork [...]

UPDATED: Updates on KUHF’s purchase of KTRU

For the last couple months Rice University and University of Houston have been engaged in private negotiations over the purchase of KTRU-Houston, 91.7fm. The news broke publicly in the afternoon on 8/16 on Houston Press’s blog and the Houston Chronicle. On Tuesday morning, 8/17, Rice University issued a press release on their site detailing the [...]