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Contextualization of prominent research, dissection of rapid prototyping, discussion of pedagogy

Today was the second Entrepreneur Camp Houston, sponsored by a whole bunch of community-focused companies and organized by a whole bunch of other good people. I was honored to be included among some of my colleagues and mentors, Brian Block, JR Cohen, Grace Rodriguez, and Ed Schipul, on a panel titled “Building Brand Communities.” It [...]


This weekend is the over-sold WordcampHouston, featuring programming for people at all knowledge levels using the WordPress content management system. Based on the very real space concerns at the Houston Museum of Natural Science it’s recommended that people take a second to plan out which sessions they plan to attend. To help people make that [...]

Anyone committed to a life-long education already knows that TED talks are just one component of a healthy, balanced, information diet. Virtually all subjects are covered with inspirational, ground-breaking research explored in a fascinating, motivating manner. The real benefit of these talks is the learning that happens when these talks are digested and discussed among [...]

This semester in COMP 300: Society in the Information Age we’ve been discussing our changing world and the shifting perceptions brought to us with the addition of technology. In a previous session we examined the Information Age through the lens of Marshall McLuhan’s teachings. McLuhan was a leader in the field of media theory and [...]

The first topic we address in Society and the Information Age are the cultural and societal shifts that occurred with the coming of the book and the extinction of oral tradition. Although we are now several technological generations beyond the book as a technology, parallels remain between society containing only verbal content and our now variegated content-saturated [...]

Rice University has asked me to act as a substitute instructor for the spring 2010 semester teaching a course entitled Society in the Information Age. The course examines the effects of technology on the ways in which we live, work and think about the world around us. This course has been taught for the better part [...]

As a continuation of this summer’s Engineering and Design for Art and Artifact Conservation (, Rice University is offering a fall course entitled Engineering for Art Conservation. I have been hired on as Rice faculty to teach this one semester course with the hope that we can convert it to a year long program exploring [...]

This summer Rice University is offering a new paid summer internship for undergraduates in any discipline. The Art and Artifact Design Program will provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to spend the summer working in a multi-disciplinary team applying the design process to community problems. Student activities will include class instruction, design work and preparation [...]

This weekend is Biocamp, an informal community participatory unconference addressing biotechnology in Houston. Leading up to Biocamp over the course of the week several events bring together the members of the biotechnology, medical device, and chemical therapeutic communities. Warm up over the week by meeting some of these people in a relaxing atmosphere and end [...]

Rice University has asked me to plan a summer program and course addressing civic engagement from a multi-disciplinary standpoint. I look at this as a synthesis of everything learned during graduate student and accrued over the year of running Caroline Collective. My CV appears a bit schizophrenic thus a personal statement is required to explain [...]