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This summer, four fellows representing some of the best young talent in advanced manufacturing have descended upon Houston to work on rapid prototyping thrusts for one month. This all fell under a new organization I am proud to be a part of along with Dr. Jordan Miller, newly an Assistant Professor in the Department of [...]

For the past month I’ve been working on something really special with a stupendous partner, Andrew Hyde. We paired up at SXSW discussing our hand-crafted business cards and came out of it with an idea for Record Monsters. Record Monsters are laser cut puzzles in vinyl records. You simply pop out the pieces and put [...]

Wordle is a fantastic, free tool for the visualization of web pages, RSS feeds or large blocks of text. I use it quite often as a visual histogram of sorts, to see in weighted form the textual thematics of papers and articles. Inspired by this post by PixelCharmer where she created a wordle of her qualifying [...]

This summer Rice University is offering a new paid summer internship for undergraduates in any discipline. The Art and Artifact Design Program will provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to spend the summer working in a multi-disciplinary team applying the design process to community problems. Student activities will include class instruction, design work and preparation [...]