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Before the explosion of reality shows and the questioning whether television watching audiences had any desire for their intelligence to be respected, Bravo existed as the cultural mecca on basic cable showing independent cinema, arts programming and foreign films.  I spent alot of late nights in high school steeping myself in this. In the infancy [...]

When I go out to eat with friends, our meals arrive at the same time, and usually all at the same temperature. In my personal kitchen, this is next to impossible. Aside from a cripplingly novice technique, the most difficult part of cooking for me is timing. I tend towards complicated multi-dish meals that require [...]

Hurry. up. As soon as this is finished and some clothes and the laptop are thrown into a bag, we head to Austin. For the next nine days, SXSW is where you’ll find me. Houston’s Focus on Regionalism I strongly believe that regionalism is a viable path to greater success for groups and communities. This [...]

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On a blustery day in Houston on the last day of February members of the Houston Arts Community met for an open discussion about the state of the Houston Arts Community. We met earlier than most usually get up on a Saturday morning but aided by bagels provided by Sarah Gabbart of Sew Crafty we [...]

In October of 2008 Caroline Collective hosted the first Bandcamp. The event was a full afternoon of education and community discussion surrounding the challenges and successes of the local music community. Through a several hour townhall discussion, community members were able to voice their concerns, ideas and success stories in the Houston Music Community. Fast [...]