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This weekend Saturday night marks the end of a two-year long community-based concert series, Tom Paynter’s The Caroline Sessions. To celebrate, a Last Waltz event of sorts is being held at Saint Arnold Brewing Company, complete with new musical collaborations, the recording of a live album and of course a long-form video of the affair. [...]

On Tuesday, August 17th, Houston Press Music Editor Chris Gray asked for comments regarding the sale of KTRU to KUHF. You can read the full story here: KTRU News Roils, Saddens Local Music Community It’s filled with impassioned responses from Houston music aficionados and those who have in the past and continue to contribute to our patchwork [...]

The music business is changing. The way you as an artist craft your message and direct your career is now at your fingertips and fully in your control. While some might see this as an incredible opportunity, most see it as overwhelming and stifling to creativity and career enhancement. Questions such as “where do we [...]

Last Sunday, Bandcampus held it’s second SXSW PREP where we collectively prepared and reviewed band’s digital and physical toolbox in an effort to prepare them for playing SXSW.  Over 15 bands were in attendance with a range from seasoned SXSWers to new bands that had never played the conference. Also at Bandcampus: SXSW PREP we [...]

UPDATE: Voting is now closed for band selection for Houston@SXSW. No further votes will be counted. Thanks to everyone for voting and we will be announcing the winners in two hours at Bandcampus: SXSW PREP. The last 60 hours have been a fog of sleeping, coughing, delirium, speaking in tongues, and changing out of soaked [...]

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As many in the tech, film and music communities know, SXSW is one of the biggest creative festivals held each year. It presents people working in these fields the opportunity to get discovered and add momentum to an already working machine. In recent years though, SXSW has been inundated with such large numbers of people [...]

On Wednesday night, several of Houston’s music press met to have drinks. It was a casual affair, nothing with the air of seriousness or too formal. But after a short while it was clear there was a connection somewhere and the parties included seemed to appreciate each other’s presence. It seems that a second date [...]

Last week, I published the Guide to Booking Your Band in Texas ebook to lower the barriers for local musicians to start playing venues outside of their home market. Bands have already begun to write to say that they were able to book shows immediately after using the ebook. They’ve already started to ask questions [...]

This is Part two in a two part series listing Houston’s music press. Yesterday’s post began with the provenance of this list: the need for local bands to be contacting their local press more often. Then the  first half of Houston’s music press was listed, including links to their outfits and samples of their work. [...]

This is Part one in a two part series listing Houston’s music press. Back in 2008 when I first listed Houston’s music writers my point was that anyone who has more than a casual relationship with music should know who their local music writers are. These are the people on the ground grinding to make sure [...]