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For the last couple months Rice University and University of Houston have been engaged in private negotiations over the purchase of KTRU-Houston, 91.7fm. The news broke publicly in the afternoon on 8/16 on Houston Press’s blog and the Houston Chronicle. On Tuesday morning, 8/17, Rice University issued a press release on their site detailing the [...]

The music business is changing. The way you as an artist craft your message and direct your career is now at your fingertips and fully in your control. While some might see this as an incredible opportunity, most see it as overwhelming and stifling to creativity and career enhancement. Questions such as “where do we [...]

Anyone committed to a life-long education already knows that TED talks are just one component of a healthy, balanced, information diet. Virtually all subjects are covered with inspirational, ground-breaking research explored in a fascinating, motivating manner. The real benefit of these talks is the learning that happens when these talks are digested and discussed among [...]

Last Sunday, Bandcampus held it’s second SXSW PREP where we collectively prepared and reviewed band’s digital and physical toolbox in an effort to prepare them for playing SXSW.  Over 15 bands were in attendance with a range from seasoned SXSWers to new bands that had never played the conference. Also at Bandcampus: SXSW PREP we [...]

UPDATE: Voting is now closed for band selection for Houston@SXSW. No further votes will be counted. Thanks to everyone for voting and we will be announcing the winners in two hours at Bandcampus: SXSW PREP. The last 60 hours have been a fog of sleeping, coughing, delirium, speaking in tongues, and changing out of soaked [...]

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As many in the tech, film and music communities know, SXSW is one of the biggest creative festivals held each year. It presents people working in these fields the opportunity to get discovered and add momentum to an already working machine. In recent years though, SXSW has been inundated with such large numbers of people [...]

I’ve compiled a free ebook on booking a show for your band in cities within a four hour drive of Houston. It lists venues and their contact information as well as some contact templates and basic advice for how to get your band booked. Many of the ideas inside of here were developed through extensive [...]

Yesterday’s Bandcampus was a loud celebration of touring and music careers between over 15 bands and a mix of Houston music writers. As this was the first Bandcampus of the year people were understandably excited to share their progress with each other and it didn’t hurt that Marc Brubaker brought a keg of St. Arnold’s. [...]

This semester in COMP 300: Society in the Information Age we’ve been discussing our changing world and the shifting perceptions brought to us with the addition of technology. In a previous session we examined the Information Age through the lens of Marshall McLuhan’s teachings. McLuhan was a leader in the field of media theory and [...]

Welcome to the final day of pre-release of the ebook ‘Booking Your Band in Texas’. The compiled ebook will be available for free download on Monday, February 1st, 2010. This guide is designed to help you contact and book yourself a live show at venues around Texas. Today’s venue list covers areas near Victoria and [...]