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Toy RobotPosted in Personal

“It’s like he’s a little toy robot that just hands out love.” My cousin’s maltipoo.

An evening primrose found in the middle of an alfalfa field in Apple Creek, OH. More pictures from my own private Elba here.

As I prepare an application for what could potentially be a life-changing experience, I have tasked myself with completing a series of writing assignments reflecting upon whom I am and how I arrived at this point in my life. I must’ve told this story hundreds of times. It’s one version of how I grew into [...]

A stressful end to six months of hard work needed to be rewarded with a couple days off to relax. At first, traditional methods of relaxation were attempted at brief intervals; reading, playing a short video game, taking a walk, watching a movie, sleeping in an hour. These were met with complete failure and as [...]

I have an honest admission to make: I haven’t really been online for the past six months. Sure, I pop onto Twitter to dump 140 characters of what I’m doing at the moment and continue to read the NYTimes and Pitchfork daily. But the fact is, most of my media consumption over the past six [...]

The Christmas movie is a well explored genre. It’s rife with films exploring the symbols of Christmas: family, giving, compassion, forgiveness, redemption. These  topics play themselves out using Christmas as the central theme or the holidays as the setting. One of the most wonderful thing about this genre is the way it brings families together in [...]

Christmas sweaters have a strange effect on people. They treasure them like any other sentimental object and parade them around when given the opportunity, sometimes completely oblivious to the ridiculousness. As I was talking about the Christmas Sweaters last year at the Center for Hearing and Speech, the director mentioned her “Favorite Christmas Sweater.” Every [...]

Good tidings to you!! Thank you for stopping by here to celebrate the  glorious time of year where eyes are assaulted with bright glittery things attached to our houses, walls and even clothes. Ahh, the clothes. During no other month is it acceptable to adorn yourself in green, red and shiny. Any other time of [...]

Here’s a neat trick to use at a party: Ask your friends how many people need to be at the party so that two people share a birthday. The answer’s not 366. It’s not even in the hundreds. It’s about 57. Huh? Let’s explain. This is called the birthday problem or the birthday paradox. There’s [...]