An incomplete showcase of my design / rapid prototyping / CAD work.

Nasa Tech Briefs - Cover

Osteosonic Bone Health Sensing Device, Cover of NASA Tech Briefs, 2004

Device design of the Osteosonic noninvasive bone and joint damage detection device featured on the cover of NASA Tech Briefs magazine. This device was developed by Michael Liebschner, PhD. Device design and rendering by Matthew Wettergreen.


Rapid Prototyped Archimedean Solids, 2006

Rapid Prototyped versions of the Archimedean Solids. On the left, the Rhombitruncated Cuboctahedron. On the right, the Truncated Octahedron. These parts are 1″ x 1″ and were created via Solid Laser Sintering (SLS).


Rapid Prototyped Geometric Shapes for Use as Porogens, 2003

These geometric shapes have a higher surface to volume ratio than standards NaCl porogens. They were designed to be embedded in a polymer and leached out, creating a novel pore space inside of the structure. Shapes were printed with the Patternmaster 3D Printer.

Polyhedral Derived Unit Cube Library

Library of Polyhedral Derived Shapes for use in Therapeutic Scaffolds, 2003

Polyhedra generated as unit blocks. All polyhedra contain the same material volume (20%) and are bounded by the same dimensions. Only the architectural arrangement and spatial distribution of material differs between architectures. The interconnecting tori are the same dimensions across all shapes allowing the unit cubes to be arrayed cubically in space.

Originally Published in:
Wettergreen M., Bucklen B., Starly B., Yuksel E., Sun W., Liebschner M.: “Creation of a Unit Block Library of Architectures for Use in Assembled Scaffold Engineering.” Computer-Aided Design, Special Issue: Bio-CAD, 37(11): 1141-49, 2005.

Tiled Mesh, Project with Ned Dodington, 2006

The interlocking tiling properties of Platonic and Archimedean polyhedra were explored for potential uses in fabric or mesh sheets with distinct local mechanical properties.