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Bands (and Scientists) Can Get Organized

There’s a widely held stereotype that scientists and musicians are poorly organized. Like any stereotype there are reasons behind this: for scientists there’s another widely held belief that they are pack rats, accumulating any bit of information that could be needed at a later date. This contributes to the disheveled and disordering mental image most [...]

How to Book Gigs for your Band: The Phone Call

At Bandcamp:BOOKING PARTY we reviewed the process to contact venues and get your band booked. The recommendation was to first do your research on the venue to match up the genre and type of bookings they do. Then you should follow whatever protocol is laid out on the venue’s website. If there are no booking [...]


At a previous Bandcamp we heard from Gretchen Schmaltz of Western Civilization and Sara Winter of Warehouse Live talk about how to book and promote a show outside of your local market. Still, few bands have taken that knowledge and applied it to booking shows. In speaking with bands we’ve received the same answer: they’re [...]

Bandcamp: SXSW PREP Recap

There was a time in my life when I quoted Fight Club religiously. Any remark could be deftly answered with a snarky remark from the movie, demonstrating my discontent with our capitalistic and materialistic society rewarding personality rather than character. At that time I had an extreme amount of entitlement for my skills and what [...]

Join the Houston Arts Community at ArtCamp

In October of 2008 Caroline Collective hosted the first Bandcamp. The event was a full afternoon of education and community discussion surrounding the challenges and successes of the local music community. Through a several hour townhall discussion, community members were able to voice their concerns, ideas and success stories in the Houston Music Community. Fast [...]

Myspace is Not Your Website

When large numbers of Houston musicians jumped onto Myspace several years ago it was an effective tool for communication, promotion and music discovery. It was also simpler to set up than a personal website, and provided international visibility for the mostly insular, strongly DIY Houston Music Community. Fast forward several years, though, and people have [...]

Bandcamp: ONLINE PRESENCE 2/1 Recap

Today’s Bandcamp was a perfect demonstration of the wealth of knowledge that individuals in the Houston Music Community are holding. Through an open discussion about online presence, tips, tricks and best practices for bands were unlocked. Every attendee walked away with a fresh outlook on utilizing the internet for active or passive promotion of their [...]


Your website is one of the most important tools you have as an artist. It’s a place for people to discover and listen to your music, contact you, purchase your merchandise and more. Your website acts as a promoter, publicist and dj and it does all this 24/7 for anyone in the world. In addition [...]

Bandcamp: TOURING

Every month at Caroline Collective, members of Houston’s Music Community meet for open discussion and to learn new skills that can help them succeed in their craft. Tomorrow is the monthly Bandcamp session, focusing on Touring. The session will be led by Gretchen Schmaltz of Western Civilization, Sara Winter of Warehouse Live and Terry Crane [...]