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Bandcampus: SXSW PREP

As many in the tech, film and music communities know, SXSW is one of the biggest creative festivals held each year. It presents people working in these fields the opportunity to get discovered and add momentum to an already working machine. In recent years though, SXSW has been inundated with such large numbers of people [...]

Bands (and Scientists) Can Get Organized

There’s a widely held stereotype that scientists and musicians are poorly organized. Like any stereotype there are reasons behind this: for scientists there’s another widely held belief that they are pack rats, accumulating any bit of information that could be needed at a later date. This contributes to the disheveled and disordering mental image most [...]

Having Your Laptop Stolen is Like Getting an STD

This last weekend during Caroline Collective’s anniversary party, while we were celebrating one year of helping the community and striving to improve conditions in Houston’s cultural and technological landscap, someone stole my laptop. My. laptop. The co-founder of Caroline Collective’s laptop. This laptop was sitting next to Grace Rodriguez‘s (who provides a great deal of [...]

Join the Houston Arts Community at ArtCamp

In October of 2008 Caroline Collective hosted the first Bandcamp. The event was a full afternoon of education and community discussion surrounding the challenges and successes of the local music community. Through a several hour townhall discussion, community members were able to voice their concerns, ideas and success stories in the Houston Music Community. Fast [...]