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The Best Christmas Sweater of Them All & Goodwill Success Stories

Christmas Sweater #25 is the real deal. Donated by Renee Davis of The Center for Hearing and Speech, who recently held their uber successful Via Colori festival. It’s long, even on me. Renee mentioned she used to wear green tights with the sweater, sadly mine were at the tailor getting some runs repaired. Santa’s beard [...]

Christmas Sweater #24 & Goodwill’s Educational Programs

It’s only one day from the best Christmas Sweater of them all. Get the bubbly chilled but don’t break it out just yet. Christmas Sweater #24 depicts the triumphant return of Santa’s sleigh to the North Pole following a whirlwhind trip around the earth. This begs to question, with a workshop that can literally produce [...]

Christmas Sweater #23 and Goodwill’s Training Programs

Christmas Sweater #23 is all about the love that we experience during this holiday season. Shown here is Santa giving Mrs. Claus an eskimo kiss (it’s cold up there, no?) before he heads out to spread cheer among all the naughty and nice children of the earth. Mrs. Claus is holding a baby reindeer answering [...]

Christmas Sweater #22 & How to Donate to Goodwill

Christmas Sweater #22 is another subtle piece, this time a fleece job. The zipper is shaped like holly leaves and if you’re not careful you’ll miss the holly leaves, berries and a couple swirls marking up the sweater. I’ve included an inset upclose for you to witness the majesty. How You Can Contribute to Goodwill [...]

Sweater #21 and Houston Goodwill Stores

Christmas Sweater #21 is a subtle piece whose festivity is only apparent if you stare at it for a second. Which could be creepy so exercise your peripheral vision when doing so. At first glance you might think this sweater is all about games, chess, checkers and some dangly triangles perfect to swing on in [...]