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Houston’s Upcoming TED Feast

Anyone committed to a life-long education already knows that TED talks are just one component of a healthy, balanced, information diet. Virtually all subjects are covered with inspirational, ground-breaking research explored in a fascinating, motivating manner. The real benefit of these talks is the learning that happens when these talks are digested and discussed among [...]

Bandcampus: SXSW PREP Recap

Last Sunday, Bandcampus held it’s second SXSW PREP where we collectively prepared and reviewed band’s digital and physical toolbox in an effort to prepare them for playing SXSW.  Over 15 bands were in attendance with a range from seasoned SXSWers to new bands that had never played the conference. Also at Bandcampus: SXSW PREP we [...]

Houston’s Local Music Press 2010, Part Two

This is Part two in a two part series listing Houston’s music press. Yesterday’s post began with the provenance of this list: the need for local bands to be contacting their local press more often. Then the  first half of Houston’s music press was listed, including links to their outfits and samples of their work. [...]

Houston’s Local Music Press 2010, Part One

This is Part one in a two part series listing Houston’s music press. Back in 2008 when I first listed Houston’s music writers my point was that anyone who has more than a casual relationship with music should know who their local music writers are. These are the people on the ground grinding to make sure [...]

Innovation Driving Ideas for 2010

The end of 2009 saw reflective lists from everyone who could get up the energy to dredge their memories and diaries. I’d like to offer a different list, a wishlist for 2010, or a to-do list for the decade if you can’t get to it this year. I contributed to a similar list focused solely [...]

2009′s State of the Houston Music Scene – An Outsider’s View

Yesterday’s post provided a reality check for the Houston music community over the course of the past year. The post highlighted the great successes the community had experienced from club openings to artist signings to the positive effects of touring. This perspective was provided from someone knowing the trials and tribulations of each of these [...]

2009′s State of the Houston Music Scene – An Insider’s View

A couple weeks ago, the music editor for the Houston Press, Chris Gray, asked me to answer some questions for an article about the State of the Houston Music Scene. Several other heroes of the local community were included resulting in a panel of incredible talent: Quinn Bishop of Cactus Music; Ramon “LP4″ Medina of [...]

Bandcamp: SXSW PREP Recap

There was a time in my life when I quoted Fight Club religiously. Any remark could be deftly answered with a snarky remark from the movie, demonstrating my discontent with our capitalistic and materialistic society rewarding personality rather than character. At that time I had an extreme amount of entitlement for my skills and what [...]

Artcamp Recap

On a blustery day in Houston on the last day of February members of the Houston Arts Community met for an open discussion about the state of the Houston Arts Community. We met earlier than most usually get up on a Saturday morning but aided by bagels provided by Sarah Gabbart of Sew Crafty we [...]

Join the Houston Arts Community at ArtCamp

In October of 2008 Caroline Collective hosted the first Bandcamp. The event was a full afternoon of education and community discussion surrounding the challenges and successes of the local music community. Through a several hour townhall discussion, community members were able to voice their concerns, ideas and success stories in the Houston Music Community. Fast [...]