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Houston@SXSW Band Selection

UPDATE: Voting is now closed for band selection for Houston@SXSW. No further votes will be counted. Thanks to everyone for voting and we will be announcing the winners in two hours at Bandcampus: SXSW PREP. The last 60 hours have been a fog of sleeping, coughing, delirium, speaking in tongues, and changing out of soaked [...]

Day of Show Career Building Activities for Your Band

Last week, I published the Guide to Booking Your Band in Texas ebook to lower the barriers for local musicians to start playing venues outside of their home market. Bands have already begun to write to say that they were able to book shows immediately after using the ebook. They’ve already started to ask questions [...]

Houston’s Local Music Press 2010, Part Two

This is Part two in a two part series listing Houston’s music press. Yesterday’s post began with the provenance of this list: the need for local bands to be contacting their local press more often. Then the  first half of Houston’s music press was listed, including links to their outfits and samples of their work. [...]

Houston’s Local Music Press 2010, Part One

This is Part one in a two part series listing Houston’s music press. Back in 2008 when I first listed Houston’s music writers my point was that anyone who has more than a casual relationship with music should know who their local music writers are. These are the people on the ground grinding to make sure [...]

Free ebook on Booking Your Band in Texas

I’ve compiled a free ebook on booking a show for your band in cities within a four hour drive of Houston. It lists venues and their contact information as well as some contact templates and basic advice for how to get your band booked. Many of the ideas inside of here were developed through extensive [...]

Booking Your Band in Texas Guide – 5 Days of Career Building Information for Bands

Any band looking to step up their game in 2010 can initiate their excitement engines. Over the next 5 days I’ll be releasing a list of venues within a four hour drive of Houston that you can contact to book your band a gig. This list is a lead up to Bandcampus: BOOKING PARTY which will be [...]

Pitchfork’s Top 200 Albums of the 2000′s, By The Numbers

Graphs are fun. Here’s a look at Pitchfork’s Top 200 Albums of the Decade, broken down by year. While poring over Pitchfork’s Top 200 Albums of the year, I got the feeling that 2000 and 2001 were popping up more than any other year. I put together a quick spreadsheet of the numbers of releases [...]

2009′s State of the Houston Music Scene – An Outsider’s View

Yesterday’s post provided a reality check for the Houston music community over the course of the past year. The post highlighted the great successes the community had experienced from club openings to artist signings to the positive effects of touring. This perspective was provided from someone knowing the trials and tribulations of each of these [...]

2009′s State of the Houston Music Scene – An Insider’s View

A couple weeks ago, the music editor for the Houston Press, Chris Gray, asked me to answer some questions for an article about the State of the Houston Music Scene. Several other heroes of the local community were included resulting in a panel of incredible talent: Quinn Bishop of Cactus Music; Ramon “LP4″ Medina of [...]

SXSW is Where You’ll Find Me Now

Hurry. up. As soon as this is finished and some clothes and the laptop are thrown into a bag, we head to Austin. For the next nine days, SXSW is where you’ll find me. Houston’s Focus on Regionalism I strongly believe that regionalism is a viable path to greater success for groups and communities. This [...]