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My comments on the KTRU sale

On Tuesday, August 17th, Houston Press Music Editor Chris Gray asked for comments regarding the sale of KTRU to KUHF. You can read the full story here: KTRU News Roils, Saddens Local Music Community It’s filled with impassioned responses from Houston music¬†aficionados¬†and those who have in the past and continue to contribute to our patchwork [...]

UPDATED: Updates on KUHF’s purchase of KTRU

For the last couple months Rice University and University of Houston have been engaged in private negotiations over the purchase of KTRU-Houston, 91.7fm. The news broke publicly in the afternoon on 8/16 on Houston Press’s blog and the Houston Chronicle. On Tuesday morning, 8/17, Rice University issued a press release on their site detailing the [...]

Society in the Information Age: New(ish) Course for Spring 2010

Rice University has asked me to act as a substitute instructor for the spring 2010 semester teaching a course entitled Society in the Information Age. The course examines the effects of technology on the ways in which we live, work and think about the world around us. This course has been taught for the better part [...]

New Rice course: Engineering for Art Conservation

As a continuation of this summer’s Engineering and Design for Art and Artifact Conservation (http://edaac.rice.edu), Rice University is offering a fall course entitled Engineering for Art Conservation. I have been hired on as Rice faculty to teach this one semester course with the hope that we can convert it to a year long program exploring [...]

Art and Artifact Design Program

This summer Rice University is offering a new paid summer internship for undergraduates in any discipline. The Art and Artifact Design Program will provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to spend the summer working in a multi-disciplinary team applying the design process to community problems. Student activities will include class instruction, design work and preparation [...]