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Bandcampus: SXSW PREP Recap

Last Sunday, Bandcampus held it’s second SXSW PREP where we collectively prepared and reviewed band’s digital and physical toolbox in an effort to prepare them for playing SXSW. ¬†Over 15 bands were in attendance with a range from seasoned SXSWers to new bands that had never played the conference. Also at Bandcampus: SXSW PREP we [...]

Houston@SXSW Band Selection

UPDATE: Voting is now closed for band selection for Houston@SXSW. No further votes will be counted. Thanks to everyone for voting and we will be announcing the winners in two hours at Bandcampus: SXSW PREP. The last 60 hours have been a fog of sleeping, coughing, delirium, speaking in tongues, and changing out of soaked [...]

Bandcampus: SXSW PREP

As many in the tech, film and music communities know, SXSW is one of the biggest creative festivals held each year. It presents people working in these fields the opportunity to get discovered and add momentum to an already working machine. In recent years though, SXSW has been inundated with such large numbers of people [...]


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the bands who attended and the creative professionals who volunteered at Bandcamp: SXSW PREP. Because of this event bands were prepared to promote themselves and be discovered when they attended SXSW a couple of weeks ago. Special thanks to the bands who made the drive up to [...]

SXSW is Where You’ll Find Me Now

Hurry. up. As soon as this is finished and some clothes and the laptop are thrown into a bag, we head to Austin. For the next nine days, SXSW is where you’ll find me. Houston’s Focus on Regionalism I strongly believe that regionalism is a viable path to greater success for groups and communities. This [...]

Bandcamp: SXSW PREP Recap

There was a time in my life when I quoted Fight Club religiously. Any remark could be deftly answered with a snarky remark from the movie, demonstrating my discontent with our capitalistic and materialistic society rewarding personality rather than character. At that time I had an extreme amount of entitlement for my skills and what [...]

SXSW 2009: by the Numbers, Part 1

A widely held view by those in the mainstream and college music Industry is that SXSW is one of if not the most important yearly event for breaking new bands. A list of the bands on national PR and press radar is generated around the yearly event held in March in Austin, TX. Parties celebrating [...]