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Day of Show Career Building Activities for Your Band

Last week, I published the Guide to Booking Your Band in Texas ebook to lower the barriers for local musicians to start playing venues outside of their home market. Bands have already begun to write to say that they were able to book shows immediately after using the ebook. They’ve already started to ask questions [...]

Bandcampus: 1/31/10 BOOKING PARTY Recap

Yesterday’s Bandcampus was a loud celebration of touring and music careers between over 15 bands and a mix of Houston music writers. As this was the first Bandcampus of the year people were understandably excited to share their progress with each other and it didn’t hurt that Marc Brubaker brought a keg of St. Arnold’s. [...]

Bandcamp: BOOKING PARTY recap

Most online tutorials teaching your band how to book shows are missing pertinent information, just like the underwear gnomes. They usually have three steps: 1. select dates and venue, 2. contact venue and then 3. play the show. Hunh? What happened in that second step? How do you contact the venue? What do you even [...]

Touring is One of the Practices of a Successful Band

Touring is one of the most important practices of a successful band. If you have any aspirations at all of making your band or your craft your career it’s important to tour regularly to stay in the public eye and to expand the geographical borders of your audience. There are few bad reasons to tour. [...]